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Do We Really Want DeSantis vs Biden?

I’m having a hard time believing that Ron DeSantis is a better option than Donald Trump. I’ve noticed an attitude developing among fellow democrats that DeSantis is so much better than Trump, for all the reasons the high ups in the GOP and all anti-trumpers have adopted. He’s less unpredictable and extreme, seemingly rational, calculated, likable, traditionally conservative, but still dividing. To these ends, some democrats  believe he would be a better opponent for Joe Biden in the general, because god forbid Biden lose, DeSantis might be easier to stomach for 4 years. 

But DeSantis isn’t any less extreme. He’s a culture warrior through and through. Think of Martha’s Vineyard, “Don’t Say Gay”, his COVID response. They are all very strong indications of what a DeSantis presidency would be like. And while Trump’s will go down as one of the worst in American history. I truly don’t believe that DeSantis would be much better. 

When you really think about it, all the success and popularity DeSantis has seen in his governing of Florida can be attributed to his constant attempts to ‘own the libs’. I’m honestly not even totally sure what the guy sounds like. But I do know for sure I don’t want him running the country. 

Democrats should pray that Trump comes out victorious from the war of a republican primary that’s on its way. He’s been beaten once and can be beaten again. He is polling lower than ever and has lost much support from establishment republicans and the base. On the other hand, the GOP is beginning to rally behind DeSantis, and he’s polling higher than Obama pre 2008. He’s more likely to win in the general election, and that’s plenty of reason to do everything to ensure Trump is Biden’s opponent in 2024.


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